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We really are, faster, better and more affordable. Below is a real-life example of the treatment protocols on of our patients received from a local facility.

Real Local Example of Getting “Traditional” Sleep Apnea Treatment:

  1. The patient suspects that they have sleep apnea.
  2. The patient makes an appointment with their primary care physician, and typically takes 2-3 weeks.
  3. The patient’s physician determines if the patient may have sleep apnea.
  4. The physician refers the patient to a sleep specialist.
  5. The patient calls to make an appointment for a face-to-face evaluation, which can be multiple weeks out.
  6. A Home Sleep Study is ordered and administered by a third party.
  7. The patient calls the third party to schedule a pickup, or delivery, of the sleep study device. During this time, the patient needs to wait for insurance verification to complete. This can take multiple weeks and the cost is typically several hundred dollars. A major local healthcare system charges $625 for the home sleep test, and this doesn’t include the fee for the doctor visit.
  8. The patient has a face-to-face evaluation with the sleep specialist after the sleep study report is ready to evaluate their diagnosis.
  9. If an oral device referral is made, it takes 2-3 weeks to gather all of the necessary documents to start the treatment procedures.

This entire process can take several months and cost upwards of $800-$1,000.

The Sleep Health Partners Difference:

  1. The patient suspects they may have sleep apnea.
  2. The patient schedules an appointment with Sleep Health Partners for a complimentary consultation. In most cases, our patients can be seen within two days.
  3. Dr. Karim determines if the patient is a candidate for an oral device.
  4. During this visit, a home sleep test device is dispensed to the patient.
  5. A face-to-face telemedicine visit with a board certified sleep specialist is set up for the patient by Sleep Health Partners. Typically, the patient can be seen within a week.
  6. If Obstructive Sleep Apnea is diagnosed, the treatment process can begin in less than a week*.

The Sleep Health Partners process takes less than two weeks to complete and costs $249!

*Length of time before beginning treatment process can be prolonged due to insurance verification, which can take six or more weeks to complete.

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